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Gramarye SLURP Corner Alley 13 Story of the Bad Egg The letter Mobbarninjan



One Empire - ever expanding. One Emperor - all powerful. One boy - tricked into being the hero..

Fantasy, ongoing

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A gentleman meets an attractive lady and offers to walk her home. He's a lucky guy, but why does he feel uneasy?

Mystery, 4 pages

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Corner Alley 13

Fantasy creatures are here and they are wrecking the economy. It's an American tale of a lost fairy who makes friends with a drunken dwarf and an upwardly mobile elf.

Fantasy, 500+ pages

The Story of the Bad Egg

Once upon a time, a prince adopted some dragon eggs and things went haywire.

Absurd fairy tale, 34 pages

The Letter

At this boarding school all communication home is monitored. This boy isn't having it, he is going to send a letter.

Drama, 18 pages

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Bernadotte, vår franske kung

The story of how one of Napoleon's marshals was elected King of Sweden.

ISBN: 9789197752299 (swe)

Lill-Selma på Mårbacka

A comic about the childhood of Selma Lagerlöf, her family and the home she loved. Her life had the same mysterious note as her books.

ISBN: 9789197752220 (en), 9789197752206 (swe)

Fan comics

Bad Machinery (© John Allison)

Merlin (© BBC)

X-men (©Marvel)

HunterxHunter (© Yoshihiro Togashi)

Indiana Jones at the Olympics (© Disney, mostly)

Detective Conan (© Gosho Aoyama)

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